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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.1 (Not released)

This is the first private beta release of 6.0.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The Home tab was redesigned. See the "What's New" page for additional details. (Bug #16681573, Bug #68900)

  • The available information in the Object Browser was expanded to include nontable nodes, which includes indexes, foreign keys, functions, stored procedures, and triggers. For example, a description for an index will show the type, uniqueness, and associated columns, and a function will show its parameters. (Bug #16202768, Bug #11765064, Bug #67114, Bug #57983)

  • The splash screen, when loading MySQL Workbench, was removed. (Bug #11761020, Bug #53473)

  • The Server Administration screen was improved to include additional information, when before it only displayed start/stop information. New details include running status, number of connections, traffic bandwidth, key efficiency, queries per second, server directories, available features/plugins, InnoDB related statistics, and more. (Bug #11757812, Bug #49913)

Bugs Fixed

  • Forward Engineering would sometimes fail with triggers when the Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names option was enabled. (Bug #16864493)

  • The Database Migration wizard failed to reverse engineer a Microsoft SQL Server database if the database name contained a space. (Bug #16754457, Bug #69115)

  • Attempting to create a user with the same name as the database, that contained a hyphen, would generate an error. The error was "SQL Error: 1064". (Bug #16691914, Bug #69007)

  • Clicking Apply after editing a field name in the Alter Table window would not save the change, unless a different part of the edit window was clicked. (Bug #16681375, Bug #67802)

  • The Server Administration panel would refresh the UI each time it was activated. So all unsaved changes were lost from the UI after switching to a different page and returning back to the Users and Privileges page. Now the UI for each tab in this page is refreshed only when it doesn't have unsaved changes. (Bug #16679449, Bug #68730)

  • On Microsoft Windows 8, MySQL Workbench would not start when loaded from a network folder. (Bug #16660724, Bug #68862)

  • On OS X, a table name could not be changed via the Alter Table menu. Clicking Apply would report "No Changes detected".

    A workaround was to rename the column by changing it in the list view instead of the text field below it. (Bug #16595066, Bug #68595)

  • On Fedora Linux, the MySQL Workbench binary PATH was not properly set on some systems. (Bug #16594877, Bug #68479)

  • MySQL Workbench failed to set up a connection with a MySQL user that authenticated using PAM. (Bug #16556099, Bug #68507)

  • Copying and pasting multiple columns between tables in an EER Model would not maintain the order of the columns. (Bug #16554982, Bug #68433)

  • Connector/C++ is no longer bundled with MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16554694, Bug #68324)

  • The Sudo command option was removed from the Manage Server Connections, Server Profile MySQL Management tab.

    Previously, the sudo password could be truncated. (Bug #16545276, Bug #67945)

  • On Fedora Linux, the documentation is no longer bundled with MySQL Workbench, due to it not being "Free". (Bug #16539724, Bug #68325)

  • NULL values were not being displayed in the first column of a result set, and were instead being displayed as empty cells. (Bug #16363542, Bug #68434)

  • In the Server Administration panel, the "Remote Administration Disabled" message in the Startup / Shutdown tab was difficult to read. The remote management options are no longer visible unless it is configured. (Bug #16338435)

  • Toggling break points in the Scripting Shell failed to set. (Bug #16271528)

  • The Database Migration wizard would migrate unsigned tinyint Microsoft SQL Server values, but would throw an exception for values exceeding 127 (the maximum value for a signed tinyint). (Bug #16263882, Bug #68084)

  • On Fedora Linux 18, MySQL Workbench would not install due to a missing PCRE dependency. (Bug #16198661, Bug #68114)

  • It was not possible to edit indexes in the index tab of the EER diagram, Alter Table window. (Bug #16197830, Bug #68103)

  • The History tab would display query history as oldest to newest, but now displays the most recent queries first. (Bug #14571056, Bug #66594)

  • In the table editor, after entering a column comment for a new column, clicking on a different option (such as toggling NOT NULL) would erase the comment. (Bug #14548138, Bug #66554)

  • Executing a complete schema import during a migration could run out of memory if the schema contained a lot of views, procedures, and function definitions. The memory handling was improved. (Bug #14483625, Bug #66225)

  • Instead of freezing at "Tables fetching..." when table records could not be fetched, MySQL Workbench will now report this issue by updating the associated fetch icon and report it as "Could not be fetched". (Bug #14079460, Bug #65254)

  • The BINARY flag used in a user defined type was dropped from the column definition during database synchronization. (Bug #13364844, Bug #62701)

  • A Copy Row (with names) option was added to the context menu for record sets. (Bug #11765574, Bug #11764870, Bug #58557, Bug #57748)

  • The list of Model diagrams did not re-wrap and determine how many columns of icons it could show when the window was narrowed, and would only re-wrap when the window was widened. (Bug #11755680, Bug #47486)

  • On Linux, the cursor focus now starts on the Name: field after choosing Edit Table. (Bug #11755349, Bug #47112)

  • The option to set the default data type for a PK column did not allow data type options to also be set for the column, such as AI or UNSIGNED. The new "Table Template" feature makes this possible. (Bug #11749340, Bug #38802)