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MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  NDB Cluster: NDB Transporter Errors NDB Cluster: NDB Transporter Errors

This section lists error codes, names, and messages that are written to the cluster log in the event of transporter errors.

Table 18.320 Error codes generated by transporter errors

Error Code Error Name Error Text
0x00 TE_NO_ERROR No error
0x01 TE_ERROR_CLOSING_SOCKET Error found during closing of socket
0x02 TE_ERROR_IN_SELECT_BEFORE_ACCEPT Error found before accept. The transporter will retry
0x03 TE_INVALID_MESSAGE_LENGTH Error found in message (invalid message length)
0x04 TE_INVALID_CHECKSUM Error found in message (checksum)
0x05 TE_COULD_NOT_CREATE_SOCKET Error found while creating socket(can't create socket)
0x06 TE_COULD_NOT_BIND_SOCKET Error found while binding server socket
0x07 TE_LISTEN_FAILED Error found while listening to server socket
0x08 TE_ACCEPT_RETURN_ERROR Error found during accept(accept return error)
0x0b TE_SHM_DISCONNECT The remote node has disconnected
0x0c TE_SHM_IPC_STAT Unable to check shm segment
0x0d TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_SEGMENT Unable to create shm segment
0x0e TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_ATTACH_SEGMENT Unable to attach shm segment
0x0f TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEGMENT Unable to remove shm segment
0x10 TE_TOO_SMALL_SIGID Sig ID too small
0x11 TE_TOO_LARGE_SIGID Sig ID too large
0x12 TE_WAIT_STACK_FULL Wait stack was full
0x13 TE_RECEIVE_BUFFER_FULL Receive buffer was full
0x14 TE_SIGNAL_LOST_SEND_BUFFER_FULL Send buffer was full,and trying to force send fails
0x15 TE_SIGNAL_LOST Send failed for unknown reason(signal lost)
0x16 TE_SEND_BUFFER_FULL The send buffer was full, but sleeping for a while solved
0x17 TE_SCI_LINK_ERROR There is no link from this node to the switch
0x18 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_START_SEQUENCE Could not start a sequence, because system resources are exumed or no sequence has been created
0x19 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEQUENCE Could not remove a sequence
0x1a TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_SEQUENCE Could not create a sequence, because system resources are exempted. Must reboot
0x1b TE_SCI_UNRECOVERABLE_DATA_TFX_ERROR Tried to send data on redundant link but failed
0x1c TE_SCI_CANNOT_INIT_LOCALSEGMENT Cannot initialize local segment
0x1d TE_SCI_CANNOT_MAP_REMOTESEGMENT Cannot map remote segment
0x1e TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_UNMAP_SEGMENT Cannot free the resources used by this segment (step 1)
0x1f TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEGMENT Cannot free the resources used by this segment (step 2)
0x20 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_DISCONNECT_SEGMENT Cannot disconnect from a remote segment
0x21 TE_SHM_IPC_PERMANENT Shm ipc Permanent error
0x22 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_CLOSE_CHANNEL Unable to close the sci channel and the resources allocated