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12.3 Unattended Uninstallations

This section describes how to uninstall MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent as an unattended process. The unattended uninstallation can be run from the command line.

Both MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent have identical uninstallation options. To display those options, from the command line run the uninstall file in your installation directory, with the --help option.

The following options are available:

Table 12.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Uninstaller Options

Option Description


Displays the list of options.


Displays the product name and version.

--debuglevel <debuglevel>

Sets the verbosity of the uninstallation log. 0 is the lowest, 4 the highest, and 2 is the default.

--mode <mode>

Sets the uninstallation mode. This varies according to the platform. For example, on Linux-based systems, you can choose a GUI-based uninstaller with --mode gtk, or choose a text-only, console-based uninstallation with --mode text.

The following is a list of the GUI-based uninstallation options available:

  • Windows: Win32

  • OS X: osx

  • Solaris: xwindow

  • Linux: gtk (Default) and xwindow.

--mode can also initiate text mode and unattended uninstallations.

  • --mode text: starts a text-only, console-based uninstallation process. Text-based uninstallation is not available on Windows platforms.

  • --mode unattended: starts an unattended uninstallation.

--debugtrace <debugtrace>

Sets the path and filename of the uninstallation log file.


Sets the language of the uninstallation. Possible values are:

  • en: English. Default value.

  • ja: Japanese.

Unattended Uninstallation

To run an unattended uninstallation process, in which no dialogs, prompts or warnings are displayed, run the following command in the installation directory of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager or MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent:

  $>./uninstall --mode unattended