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9.1.1 Performing an Unattended Installation

The basic process for performing an unattended installation is the same for both MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent and MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installers, with the only difference being the options supported by each installer. For information on the options for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, see Section 9.1.2, “MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Options”. For information on the options for MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent, see Section 9.1.3, “MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Options”.

There are two methods for installation: either specify the option on the command line, or use an options file containing the relevant options and their values.

The following example shows how to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent by command-line:

$> mysqlmonitoragent-version-linux-x86-64bit-installer.bin
   --installdir /data0/mysql/agent
   --mysqlhost --mysqlport 3306 
   --mysqluser root --mysqlpassword foo --agent_autocreate
   --limiteduser limited --limitedpassword foo --generaluser general --generalpassword foo
   --checkmysqlhost yes --managerhost localhost --managerport 48080 --agentuser AGENTUSER 
   --agentpassword PASSWORD --mode unattended --mysql-identity-source default

For unattended installation using an option file, create a text file containing the installation parameters. The following example uses a sample configuration file named options.server.txt:


This file identifies a directory and file name for a log file, sets the mode to unattended, and uses the installdir option to specify an installation directory.


Set the installdir and debugtrace options to values appropriate to your locale and operating system.

The only options that must be specified in an option file when installing MySQL Enterprise Service Manager are mode (if not specified at the command line), installdir, and adminpassword.

Check the options in your option file closely before installation; problems during unattended installation do not produce any error messages.

Put the monitor installer file and the options file in the same directory.

The following examples show how to start the unattended installation from the command line.

On Windows within a command shell:

C:\> mysqlmonitor-version-windows-installer.exe --optionfile options.server.txt

On Unix, use a command-line of the form:

$> mysqlmonitor-version-installer.bin --optionfile options.server.txt

On macOS, locate the within the installation package directory. For example:

$> ./ 
          --optionfile options.server.txt

When installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent, the same basic process can be followed using MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent installer and the corresponding agent options.

As a minimum for MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent installation, specify the mode (if not specified at the command line), mysqluser, installdir, mysqlpassword, and agentpassword options. Create a file containing these values and use it with the optionfile option for unattended agent installation.