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5.4 Starting/Stopping MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services

This section describes how to control MySQL Enterprise Service Manager services on UNIX, Linux and Mac platforms. Microsoft Windows supports several additional methods, which are described in Starting/Stopping MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services on Windows.

The following services are installed by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager:

  • MySQL Server

  • Tomcat Server

Access MySQL Enterprise Service Manager services using the script which is installed in the root of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation directory. To see the available options, run the command help .

The help parameter produces the following output:

$>./ help
./ (start|stop|status|restart)
./ (start|stop|status|restart) mysql
./ (start|stop|status|restart) tomcat

help       - this screen
start      - start the service(s)
stop       - stop  the service(s)
restart    - restart or start the service(s)
status     - report the status of the service

To autostart all the Service Manager components, call the start from your start-up script.

To start the service:

$> ./ start
./ : mysql  started
nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/mysql/data/
Using CATALINA_BASE:   /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/apache-tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME:   /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/apache-tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/apache-tomcat/temp
Using JRE_HOME:       /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/java

If you try to start the service and it is already running, you are warned that the services are already running.

The restart command is equivalent to executing a stop and then start operation.


The Service Manager can take some time to start and become usable after start completes.

This script can also check the status of the Tomcat web server or the MySQL repository.

$> ./ status
MySQL Network MySQL is running
MySQL Network Tomcat is running

After the Service Manager is installed, you can configure the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, as explained in Section 5.5, “MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings”.

Starting/Stopping MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services on Windows

You can stop or start MySQL Enterprise Service Manager services in the following additional ways:

  • The Start/Stop MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services items on the Windows Start menu.

  • The Services pane of the Microsoft Management Console. Right-click on the either of the MySQL Enterprise services to display the available options.

  • The Windows command line, using the sc or net commands.

    From the command line, the service names are mysqlenterprisetomcat and mysqlenterprisemysql.

    For example:

      $> sc start mysqlenterprisemysql

    The command line terminal must be started using the Run as Administrator option.