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Chapter 4 Prerequisites

This chapter describes the process of installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor on all operating systems.

A working installation requires the following:

  • One MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. It stores its data in a database repository. You can use an existing MySQL instance for the repository, or set up a separate instance as part of MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation. See Chapter 5, Service Manager Installation.

  • Optionally (but recommended), one or more MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agents, one on each host being monitored. Install MySQL Enterprise Service Manager first, because the Agent installation asks for credentials and network settings that you choose as you install MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

    To minimize network overhead, install the Agent on the same machine that hosts the monitored MySQL server, but you can install it on any machine that has network access to both the monitored MySQL server and MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. An agent can monitor locally or remotely.


    While it is possible to use a single agent to monitor multiple hosts, it is not recommended for performance reasons.

The Agent monitors the MySQL server, and transmits health and usage data back to the Service Manager. The Advisors parse the results and display the data in the browser-based MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface.

After installing and starting the Service Manager and Agents, configure the settings as described in Section 5.5, “MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings”.