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4.3.2 Users Created During Installation

The Repository user: This user is the only user in the user table in the mysql database in the bundled MySQL server. To avoid confusion with monitored MySQL servers, this server is referred to throughout this document as the repository. The repository user can log in from localhost using the password specified during installation and has all privileges on all databases. These credentials are used to create the repository and its tables and to record data in them. During installation, the default value for the user name for this role is service_manager. No default password is specified. You can use these credentials to manage the repository from the command line or when using a GUI program such as MySQL Workbench.

At the end of MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation, the file configuration_report.txt is created, and along with other configuration details, contains some of the credentials of the repository manager. Depending on platform, this file is located in the following directories:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Monitor

  • Unix: /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor

  • macOS: /Applications/mysql/enterprise/monitor