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4.2.3 Requirements for Monitoring

This section describes the requirements for monitoring MySQL Server.

  • The Monitoring Agent can monitor any version of MySQL Server from version 5.5 onwards.


    It is not possible to monitor pre-GA versions of MySQL 5.7 or 8.0. MySQL Enterprise Monitor supports monitoring of MySQL 5.7.6, and MySQL 8.0.11 onwards.

  • The monitoring Agent always uses PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_STATUS on MySQL 5.7 versions, and supports both modes of show_compatibility_56 from MySQL 5.7.9 onwards.


    To monitor versions of MySQL 5.7.8, show_compatibility_56 must be set to OFF.

  • If you intend to monitor MySQL NDB Cluster, you must ensure the following when configuring your cluster:

    • NDB Cluster version is 7.5.7, or higher

    • Edit the [System] section of your cluster configuration file to include the cluster name. MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent reads this value and uses it to uniquely identify your cluster. For example:

    • It is strongly recommended to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent on all Management, Data, and SQL nodes for optimal monitoring. If this is not possible, monitoring the SQL nodes provides useful information about the entire cluster.

    • Always include the --ndb-connectstring and --ndb-nodeid flags in the corresponding command to facilitate topology discovery.

    • The Management node was started with the --config-file flag, and ensure the owner of MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent process has permissions to read the configuration file.

    • If your host has multiple addresses, include the --bind-address flag on the ndb commands, matching the HostName variable defined in the configuration file.

    • Do not use localhost or any loopback address in your configuration or commands. Always use a unique address.