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6.5.1 Starting/Stopping the Agent on Windows

You have the option of starting the Monitor Agent from the final installation screen. Otherwise you can do this by going to the Start Menu and under Programs find MySQL and then the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent entry. Simply select the Start MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent option.


On Windows Vista or later, starting the agent requires administrative privileges—you must be logged in as an administrator. To start or stop the agent right-click the menu item and choose the Run as Administrator menu option. The same restriction applies to starting the agent from the command line. To open an administrator cmd window right-click the cmd icon and choose the Run as Administrator menu option.


To report its findings, the agent needs to be able to connect to the Monitor UI through the port specified during installation. The default value for this port is 18443; ensure that this port is not blocked. If you need help troubleshooting the agent installation see, Section 6.10, “Troubleshooting the Agent”.

Alternately, you can start the agent from the command line by entering:

$> sc start MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent


$> net start MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent

You can also start the agent by issuing the command, agentctl.bat start. Stop the agent by passing the argument, stop. This batch file is found in the Agent directory.

For confirmation that the service is running you can open the Microsoft Management Console Services window. To do this go to the Control Panel, find Administrative Tools and click the link to Services. Locate the service named MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent and look under the Status column.

You can also start the agent from this window rather than from the Start menu or the command line. Simply right-click MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent and choose Start from the pop-up menu. Starting the agent from this window opens an error dialog box if the agent cannot connect to the MySQL server it is monitoring. No error is displayed if the agent is unable to connect to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

The pop-up menu for starting the agent also offers the option of stopping the agent. To stop the agent from the command line you only need type:

$> sc stop MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent


$> net stop MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent

MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent is the default name of the Monitor Agent service.