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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.4 User's Guide
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17.1 Exit codes of MySQL Enterprise Backup

MySQL Enterprise Backup returns one of the following exit codes as it exits an operation. The meaning of each code is explained in Table 17.1, “MySQL Enterprise Backup Exit Codes and Messages” by its associated exit message.

Table 17.1 MySQL Enterprise Backup Exit Codes and Messages

Exit Code Exit Message
0 No error
1 Unknown Error
2 Internal Error
3 One of the required files is corrupt
4 One of the required files not found
5 Corrupt page or header encountered
6 Mismatch in config and the value obtained
7 Illegal Argument
8 One or more of the arguments are unknown
9 IO operation failed
10 Error allocating memory
11 Connection to server failed
12 Ongoing operation interrupted by user
13 User doesn't have sufficient privileges
14 No space left on device
15 Image version is not supported by this version of meb
16 The value is out of range
17 Innodb Error
18 Timedout while waiting for resource
19 Server returned error while executing sql

The mysqlbackup command print-message takes an exit code supplied with the --error-code option and returns the corresponding exit message in the stdout stream. Users can, for example, use a script to catch the exit code returned by mysqlbackup, and then pass it onto the print-message command to obtain an exit message. See the description for print-message for details.