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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.4 User's Guide
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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.4 User's Guide  /  Using MySQL Enterprise Backup

Part II Using MySQL Enterprise Backup

Table of Contents

4 Backing Up a Database Server
4.1 Before the First Backup
4.1.1 Collect Database Information
4.1.2 Grant MySQL Privileges to Backup Administrator
4.1.3 Designate a Location for the Backup Directory
4.2 The Typical Backup / Verify / Restore Cycle
4.2.1 OS User for Running mysqlbackup
4.2.2 Backing Up an Entire MySQL Instance
4.2.3 Verifying a Backup
4.2.4 Restoring a Database
4.3 Backup Scenarios and Examples
4.3.1 Making a Single-File Backup
4.3.2 Making a Full Backup
4.3.3 Making a Differential or Incremental Backup
4.3.4 Making a Compressed Backup
4.3.5 Making a Partial Backup
4.3.6 Making an Optimistic Backup
4.3.7 Making a Back Up of In-Memory Database Data
4.3.8 Making Scheduled Backups
4.4 Making Backups with a Distributed File System (DFS) or Storage Access Network (SAN)
5 Recovering or Restoring a Database Server
5.1 Performing a Restore Operation
5.1.1 Restoring a Compressed Backup
5.1.2 Restoring an Encrypted Backup Image
5.1.3 Restoring an Incremental Backup
5.1.4 Table-Level Recovery (TLR)
5.1.5 Restoring Backups Created with the --use-tts Option
5.1.6 Restoring External InnoDB Tablespaces to Different Locations
5.1.7 Advanced: Preparing and Restoring a Directory Backup
5.2 Restoring a Backup from Cloud Storage to a MySQL Server
5.3 Point-in-Time Recovery
5.4 Restoring a Backup with a Database Server Upgrade or Downgrade
6 Working with Encrypted InnoDB Tablespaces
7 Backing up Using Redo Log Archiving
8 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Replication
8.1 Setting Up a New replica
8.2 Backing up and Restoring a Replica Database
8.3 Restoring a Source Database
8.4 Working with Encrypted Binary and Relay Logs
9 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Group Replication
10 Encryption for Backups
11 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Media Management Software (MMS) Products
11.1 Backing Up to Tape with Oracle Secure Backup
12 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Docker
13 Performance Considerations for MySQL Enterprise Backup
13.1 Optimizing Backup Performance
13.2 Optimizing Restore Performance
14 Monitoring Backups with MySQL Enterprise Monitor
15 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with MySQL Enterprise Firewall
16 Using LDAP for Server Authentication
17 Troubleshooting for MySQL Enterprise Backup
17.1 Exit codes of MySQL Enterprise Backup
17.2 Working Around Corruption Problems
17.3 Using the MySQL Enterprise Backup Logs
17.4 Using the MySQL Enterprise Backup Manifest