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MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1 User's Guide  /  Getting Started with MySQL Enterprise Backup  /  What's New in MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1?

Chapter 3 What's New in MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1?

This chapter highlights the new features in MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1, as well as any significant changes made to MySQL Enterprise Backup with the release of this series.

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup now supports optimistic incremental backup, in which mysqlbackup scans only those InnoDB data files that have been modified since the last backup for changed pages and then saves them into the incremental backup. It potentially makes incremental backups faster. See Full-scan versus Optimistic Incremental Backup for details.

  • A full set of exit codes have now been implemented for MySQL Enterprise Backup. Also, a new mysqlbackup command, print-message, returns an exit message for any given exit code supplied with the new option --error-code. See Section 12.1, “Exit codes of MySQL Enterprise Backup” for details.

  • Apply-log operations can now be performed with multiple worker threads in parallel, which can improve performance for the operations. The number of threads to be used can be specified with the --process-threads option.

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup now supports the --ssl-mode option, which enables you to specify the security state of the connection to the server. It replaces the client side --ssl and --ssl-verify-server-cert options, which are now deprecated. See the description of the --ssl-mode option in MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual for details.

  • A number of measures have been implemented to increase the performance for hot backups by decreasing the duration of the final phase of hot backups in which the server is locked. See the MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1 Release Notes for details.

  • A new option, --skip-final-rescan, makes mysqlbackup skip the final rescan for InnoDB tables that are modified by DDL operations after the database has been locked near the end of a backup operation. See the description for --skip-final-rescan for details.

  • The output by mysqlbackup, which goes to the stderr stream and the message log, has now been improved to include the timestamps and thread IDs for all steps taken by mysqlbackup, in order to provide more information for debugging purposes.

  • For MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1.1 and later working with MySQL Server 5.7.21 and later: Servers' use of the keyring_encrypted_file and keyring_aws plugins is now supported by MySQL Enterprise Backup. See Chapter 6, Working with Encrypted InnoDB Tables for details.

  • For MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1.1 and later: HTTP Basic Authentication and non-chunked transfer are now supported for backup and restore using OpenStack Swift-compatible object storage services. See Section 15.15, “Cloud Storage Options” for details.

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