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MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1 User's Guide
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1.3.4 Files Generated by mysqlbackup

Inside the image backup file created by the backup-to-image command of mysqlbackup are some new files that are produced during the backup process. These files are used to control later tasks such as verifying and restoring the backup data. The files generated during the backup process include:

  • backup-my.cnf: Records the crucial configuration parameters that apply to the backup. These parameter values are used during a restore operation, so that the original values are used regardless of changes to your server's my.cnf file since the backup.

  • meta/backup_create.xml: Lists the command line arguments and environment in which the backup was created.

  • meta/backup_content.xml: Essential metadata for the files and database definitions of the backup data.

  • server-my.cnf: Contains values of the backed-up server's global variables that are set to non-default values.

  • server-all.cnf: Contains values of all the global variables of the backed-up server.

  • *.bkt: Transfer file created for an encrypted InnoDB table during backup. It contains the reencrypted tablespace key and other information related to the encryption. See Chapter 6, Working with Encrypted InnoDB Tables for detail.

For details about these are other files contained in the backup, see Table 1.1, “Types of Files in a Backup”.

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