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7.2.3 Loading AirportDB into HeatWave

To load the airportdb from the MySQL DB System into HeatWave:


If you are using MySQL HeatWave on AWS, you can also load data from the MySQL HeatWave Console. See Manage HeatWave Data with Workspaces, in the MySQL HeatWave on AWS Service Guide.

  1. Start MySQL Shell and connect to the MySQL DB System Endpoint.

    $> mysqlsh Username@DBSystem_IP_Address_or_Host_Name
  2. Change the MySQL Shell execution mode to SQL and run the following Auto Parallel Load command to load the airportdb tables into HeatWave.

    MySQL>JS> \sql
    MySQL>SQL> CALL sys.heatwave_load(JSON_ARRAY('airportdb'), NULL);

    For information about the Auto Parallel Load utility, see Section 2.2.3, “Loading Data Using Auto Parallel Load”.