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7.2.2 Installing AirportDB

The installation procedure involves downloading the airportdb database to a Compute instance and importing the data from the Compute instance into the MySQL DB System using the MySQL Shell Dump Loading utility. For information about this utility, see Dump Loading Utility.

To install the airportdb database:

  1. Download the airportdb sample database and unpack it. The airportdb sample database is provided for download as a compressed tar or Zip archive. The download is approximately 640 MBs in size.

    $> wget https://downloads.mysql.com/docs/airport-db.tar.gz
    $> tar xvzf airport-db.tar.gz


    $> wget https://downloads.mysql.com/docs/airport-db.zip
    $> unzip airport-db.zip

    Unpacking the compressed tar or Zip archive results in a single directory named airport-db, which contains the data files.

  2. Start MySQL Shell and connect to the MySQL DB System Endpoint. For additional information about connecting to a MySQL DB System, see Connecting to a DB System in the HeatWave on OCI Service Guide.

    $> mysqlsh Username@DBSystem_IP_Address_or_Host_Name
  3. Load the airportdb database into the MySQL DB System using the MySQL Shell Dump Loading Utility.

    MySQL>JS> util.loadDump("airport-db", {threads: 16, deferTableIndexes: "all", 
                    ignoreVersion: TRUE})

    The deferTableIndexes: "all" option defers creating secondary indexes until after the table data is loaded, which significantly reduces load times. If you intend to use airportdb with HeatWave, which does not use secondary indexes, you can avoid creating secondary indexes by specifying the loadIndexes: "FALSE" option instead of deferTableIndexes: "all". For more information about MySQL Dump Load options, see Dump Loading Utility.

After the data is imported into the MySQL DB System, you can load the tables into HeatWave. For instructions, see Section 7.2.3, “Loading AirportDB into HeatWave MySQL”.