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18.2 Service Limits

A service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. HeatWave on AWS default service limits are shown below. Service limits are per region unless explicitly specified.

To request a service limit increase, submit a My Oracle Support ticket, specifying " HeatWave on AWS " as the product.

Table 18-1 Service Limits

Resource Default Limit Free Trial Limit
DB System Block Storage 10 TB 300 GB
MySQL Instance Manual Backups 40 (for all DB System instances) 2
Sum of DB System Backup Retention Days* 70 4
MySQL.32.256GB instances 2 1
MySQL.8.64GB instances 1 1
MMySQL.4.32GB instances 1 1
MySQL.2.16GB instances 4 1
HeatWave.16GB nodes 8 4
HeatWave.256GB nodes 8 1
DB Systems Outbound Data Transfer None 30 GB per day**

* This refers to the sum of the retention period for all the automatic backups of all the DB Systems in your tenancy. For example, if there are two DB Systems in your tenancy and both have automatic backup set up, with one having a retention period of 5 days and another having a retention period of 7 days, the Sum of DB System Backup Retention Days will be 12.

** During a free trial, when the total outbound data transfer from the DB Systems exceeds the daily limit, connection to DB Systems will be blocked for the rest of the day. At midnight in UTC, the daily outbound data transfer is reset and connections are unblocked.


Even when connections to DB Systems are blocked, you can continue to use the HeatWave Console.