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13.3 Autopilot Shape Advisor

Use the Auto Shape Prediction feature in MySQL Autopilot for MySQL HeatWave on AWS to analyze the workload and assess the suitability of the current MySQL shape.


The Auto Shape Prediction feature is available prior to MySQL 8.0.32, but is enabled by default only for MySQL 8.0.32 and later.

The Auto Shape Prediction feature begins to collect MySQL statistics that reflect the current workload. It collects statistics at varying intervals, and Auto Shape Prediction creates a prediction every five minutes while it is active. If there is insufficient or no activities in a five-minute interval, or if buffer pool usage is growing, Auto Shape Prediction cannot make a prediction for that interval.

The Auto Shape Prediction looks at buffer pool usage, workload activity, access patterns, and CPU statistics to estimate the required buffer pool (for MySQL version 8.0.32 and later) and CPU sizes (for MySQL 8.2.0-u2 and later). The system administrator should then make sure the DB system shape can accommodate the recommended buffer pool size and number of CPU cores. If the current buffer pool or CPU size is smaller than the predicted requirements, although MySQL can usually manage the workload while keeping the system stable, the performance of the DB System might suffer due to elevated disk I/O or insufficient CPU cores for processing the workload.


For DB systems using MySQL versions earlier than 8.2.0-u2: If Auto Shape Prediction suggests a possible downsize, consider the DB System CPU usage and memory usage before downsizing. For heavy CPU utilization, downsizing to a shape with fewer CPUs is not recommended.

When Auto Shape Prediction is running, it keeps a rotating history of the collected feature data for seven days. While there is a monitoring overhead from periodic statistics collection and prediction events, for most workloads and shape combinations the overhead is negligible. If necessary, it is possible to disable Auto Shape Prediction.

When Auto Shape Prediction is disabled it clears the internal statistics tables, but keeps the past predictions.

An upgrade of the DB System drops and re-installs the mysql_autopilot schema, which removes the past predictions.

For MySQL 8.0.32 and later, there are two ways to access the Autopilot Shape Advisor: with the MySQL HeatWave Console or with a MySQL client. Prior to MySQL 8.0.32, use a MySQL client.


The SQL output by a MySQL client can only provide some hints. The MySQL HeatWave Console can provide detailed and graphical information, and can recommend an improved shape by its specific shape name. See: Autopilot Shape Advisor with MySQL HeatWave Console.