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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.21 (2020-07-13, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.21 (2020-07-13, General Availability)

Known limitation with Ubuntu 20.04: An error related to FreeTDS/iODBC in Ubuntu prevents the migration of Microsoft SQL Server databases to MySQL using the MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new check box was added to the dialog for resetting an expired password. When selected it indicates that the server version in use precedes MySQL 5.7. (Bug #30799058)

  • MySQL Workbench now supports the following MySQL 8.0.19 and 8.0.20 server language features:


    • Locking clause for query expressions.

    • Table values constructor.

    • Short table select syntax.

    • New requirements for the CHANGE MASTER replication statement (row format, primary key check).

    • Failed login attempts and password lock time in ALTER USER statements.

    • Format support for EXPLAIN ANALYZE statements.

    • New and changed keywords:

      • ARRAY





      • MEMBER

      • OFF



      • RANDOM



      • STREAM


      • TIME

    (WL #13836)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard encountered type -154 (SQL_SS_TIME2) while copying Microsoft SQL Server tables, and it returned an error on the unhandled type. This fix adds the following new SQL data types to the wizard: SQL_SS_TIME2 (supported by MySQL) and SQL_SS_TIMESTAMPOFFSET (not supported). (Bug #30884140)

  • The TableRead, TableInsert, TableUpdate, and TableDelete events for each table touched by a query did not include complete information in the Audit Inspector. (Bug #30807539)

  • Valid TABLE and VALUES statements were identified as having syntax errors in the SQL editor. (Bug #30775372, Bug #98266, Bug #30775008, Bug #98263)

  • MySQL accounts created during the prerequisite setup using the Create MEB Account button were not granted sufficient privilege to schedule an online backup or to execute a full backup on Windows. (Bug #30774786)

  • The Table Data Import Wizard returned an error when used to import a large JSON file, rather than loading the file. (Bug #30733445)

  • Text selected in the SQL editor was blocked by the highlight color. (Bug #30369329, Bug #97070)

  • A change made to the CREATE statement to rename an existing stored procedure did not revise the corresponding name in the generated DROP PROCEDURE statement when the change was applied using the editor. This fix modifies the generated statement to no longer drop the original stored procedure after it is renamed. (Bug #30103689, Bug #96289)

  • On Windows, statements that do not generate a result set, such as INSERT or UPDATE statements, caused MySQL Workbench to close unexpectedly after the EXPLAIN operation was executed and then the Result Grid output type was selected. (Bug #27576669, Bug #89745)

  • Although the installation and file path were valid, MySQL Workbench did not find the ogr2ogr and ogrinfo files when loading spatial data. (Bug #26447395, Bug #87074)

  • A column created with NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6) prevented the MySQL Table Editor from showing table information, such as indexes, views, foreign keys, and so on. (Bug #26388250, Bug #86906)

  • Memory use on a Windows host was excessive when a large result set was exported to a file, causing MySQL Workbench to become unresponsive. (Bug #26139027, Bug #86430)

  • Synchronizing a database that included a table with JSON fields to the data model produced new, separate tables for the JSON data, instead of updating the original table. In this instance, the target MySQL version set in the modeling preference, 5.6.30 by default, does not support the operation. This fix sets the default version to MySQL 8.0, but the value can be adjusted by selecting Preferences, Modeling, and then MySQL from the Edit menu. (Bug #25788105, Bug #85648)

  • The zoom-out button did not alter the zoom level of spatial data when viewed from a Linux host, unless the zoom level was reset to the outermost level first. (Bug #25723313, Bug #85444)

  • MySQL Workbench became unresponsive for several minutes after a server startup attempt was made on macOS hosts. (Bug #25077227, Bug #83769)

  • No errors or warnings were reported when scheduling a backup with MySQL Enterprise Backup, although the backup did not execute as scheduled. (Bug #23562328, Bug #81788)

  • A Sybase database migration with the ODBC (FreeTDS) connection method produced an exception when the connection was tested. (Bug #23345282, Bug #81546)

  • MySQL Workbench server administration could not acquire management access to Oracle Solaris. For a list of supported platforms, visit (Bug #22453133, Bug #72204)

  • On Linux, edits made to values in the result grid were lost when using the pointer device to move within the grid, rather than pressing the Enter or Tab key to change the focus. (Bug #20742151, Bug #76387)

  • Forward engineering a valid MySQL Workbench model was unsuccessful when the operation was performed using a MySQL 5.5 server instance. (Bug #20637664)

  • On macOS, a query containing SELECT @@hostname returned the column header, but the query did not show any visible output unless the first row below the column header was selected. (Bug #20540937)

  • After reverting changes made to triggers in a schema that had been saved and synchronized, MySQL Workbench was not able to locate any differences when the reverted schema was re-synchronized with the model. (Bug #20222031)

  • A connection saved with MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard was no longer visible in the wizard after MySQL Workbench was upgraded to a later version. An attempt to save the connection again, using the same name, returned an error indicating that the original connection was preserved. (Bug #18454574)

  • No connection could be made to the PostgreSQL database system when it was selected as the source in MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard on macOS. (Bug #17299989)