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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.16 (2019-04-25, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.16 (2019-04-25, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The script editor now highlights matching pairs of parentheses when one of the pair is selected. (Bug #27473434, Bug #73167)

  • Microsoft Visual Studio support was upgraded from Visual Studio 15 to Visual Studio 17. (WL #12401)

  • Previously, the output from running schema validation plugins on a MySQL model was distributed to different areas of MySQL Workbench, making portions of the information easy to miss. The same functionality now is shown in a single location and reorganized to provide informational, warning, and error messages by category. A new Validate tab also provides a simple way to reselect and rerun validation tests from the output area in the right side panel (see Schema Validation Plugins). (WL #12823)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL Workbench stopped working when an existing table with an expression in a column of type BINARY was selected for editing. (Bug #29449200)

  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall could not be installed from the Enterprise Edition of MySQL Workbench. (Bug #29359957, Bug #94335)

  • An incorrect-integer-value error resulted when the Table Data Import Wizard attempted to import CSV data to a valid database table. (Bug #29348922)

  • MySQL 5.7 tables exported to MySQL 8.0.14 or 8.0.15 produced the following error: Unknown table 'COLUMN_STATISTICS' in information_schema. (Bug #29344344, Bug #94294)

  • A successful connection made with SSH tunneling from a Linux host produced an ongoing loop of errors if an attempt was made to close the connection. (Bug #29342871, Bug #94212)

  • The LATERAL keyword now conforms with the SQL editor convention to highlight and indent the words considered keywords by MySQL. (Bug #29251184, Bug #94012)

  • An exception was raised when a valid path to the MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.14 or 8.0.15 executable was provided in the prerequisite settings. To back up MySQL 8.0.14 or 8.0.15 data, upgrade to MySQL Workbench 8.0.16 or use MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.14 or 8.0.15 directly (see Introduction to MySQL Enterprise Backup). (Bug #29246551)

  • An error in the generated mysql_rdbms_info.xml file caused MySQL Workbench to stop working. (Bug #29237703, Bug #93987)

  • The size of the Table Data Import Wizard window changed unexpectedly between steps, causing the navigation buttons to vanish from visible range unless the window was expanded to include them. (Bug #29200662, Bug #93869)

  • With the GNOME desktop theme set to Adwaita (default) or Adwaita-dark, text selected within the SQL editor was invisible. (Bug #29184506, Bug #93847)

  • The Command-V keyboard shortcut on macOS returned an error indicating that a paste-row operation was attempted, rather than the single-value paste used to edit a field within the result grid following a successful query. (Bug #29137004, Bug #93710)

  • Executing a function or stored procedure caused an unexpected program shutdown on Linux hosts. (Bug #29134435)

  • The SQL beautifier feature produced no change when it was executed within the Triggers tab of the table editor. (Bug #29133592)

  • The table inspector did not start properly and produced an error on macOS when it was selected from the context menu of a valid table within the Schema tab. (Bug #29128333)

  • An exception was generated when the results of a query was toggled between visual explain and tubular explain formats within the Execution Plan tab. (Bug #29121364)

  • A user account that was deleted properly from Users and Privileges remained visible until the Administration tab closed and reopened. (Bug #29061678)

  • New tables added to the canvas of an EER diagram displayed the table name bar only, without columns, when the table tool (Place a New Table) from the vertical toolbar was used to add each table. (Bug #29056873)

  • Records imported from an external file, such as a CSV file, generated an exception when the operation was attempted from a macOS host. (Bug #29048933)

  • Each step shown in MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard was masked and unreadable while the individual operation executed. This fix modifies the contrast between the text of the current step and the box used to highlight it. (Bug #29048871)

  • On Windows 10, the scroll wheel (or mouse wheel) did not respond when used to scroll in any on-screen area with a scroll bar. (Bug #29035906, Bug #93541)

  • Some keyboard shortcuts, such as Command-C, did not work within the SQL and model editors on macOS 10.14 hosts. (Bug #29034285, Bug #93186)

  • Rather than generating a warning or error when it detected an unknown SSH option in the ~/.ssh/config file, MySQL Workbench became unresponsive. (Bug #29016708, Bug #92972)

  • The column-statistics option (Advanced Options) was selected by default in the Administration – Data Export tab, which prevented the successful export of databases from the 5.6 and 5.7 servers. (Bug #28918423, Bug #92928)

  • The SQL editor and the Alter Table operation both reported errors on indexes with valid functional key parts and on expressions that were used as default values. (Bug #28832740, Bug #92908, Bug #28831069, Bug #92900)

  • The actions selected from the history-palette context menu did not produce any results. (Bug #28721233)

  • The code auto-completion feature in the query editor did not provide the expected behavior. (Bug #28443700, Bug #91859)

  • The Close Other Tabs action closed all tabs in the SQL editor when it was selected from the context menu of the New table - table tab. (Bug #28257404)

  • MySQL Workbench stopped working on Linux hosts after a long period of use that included adding new tables to an existing model. (Bug #28257141)

  • With a set of objects selected to import from the dump project folder, only the first object of the set was shown in the Schema Objects list, instead of all selected objects. In addition, the first object was repeated multiple times in the list. (Bug #28222744)

  • MySQL Workbench was unable to start a session to the server on MacOS hosts until a successful login was performed at the command line first. (Bug #28165625)

  • Some keyboard shortcuts were unsuccessful when used properly. (Bug #28108104, Bug #91090)

  • A valid query using an appropriate server version for window functions displayed a syntax error at the opening parenthesis of the first OVER clause in the query editor. (Bug #27922827, Bug #90620)

  • The template that was generated for a table of a model did not include type values within the Datatype column. (Bug #27025456)

  • Items listed within the Schemas tab were not visible when selected on Linux. (Bug #26579157, Bug #87321)

  • The test-connection action in older versions caused MySQL Workbench to stop working when it was used to test standard TCP/IP over SSH connections during the initial setup. (Bug #21144432)

  • A warning was generated during attempts to migrate source tables from Microsoft SQL Server with a valid ODBC driver if a column name included unrecognized characters. The reverse engineering operation reported that an impacted table had no column attributes, and the migration stopped with errors later in the process. (Bug #18109616, Bug #71336)

  • The operation to check for MySQL Workbench updates (from Help) returned an error when used behind a proxy server with authentication. (Bug #13864621, Bug #64308)