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Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.13 (2018-10-22, General Availability)

Server Support

  • Support for MySQL 5.5 by MySQL Workbench 8.0 was removed. If you still need to use MySQL Workbench on a MySQL 5.5 server, you can use MySQL Workbench 6.3, which is available from MySQL Product Archives (see

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Workbench on macOS 10.14 Mojave was tested with positive results. The new Dark Mode feature is not yet compatible with all screens and should not be enabled for this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • With valid geometry points inserted, the option to open the points in a browser failed on macOS hosts because the URL was improperly formed. (Bug #28587193, Bug #92266)

  • An apostrophe character (') within a table comment generated a parsing error when an attempt was made to alter the table. (Bug #28552873, Bug #92191)

  • Insufficient privilege was granted during the attempt to create a new MySQL Enterprise Backup user account. Although valid prerequisite backup information was provided, the validation script returned the following error message: Access denied for backup account. (Bug #28536272, Bug #92115)

  • When remote management with SSH was enabled, attempting to insert the required passwords in the Options file produced an error message. After the error was closed, the Administration tab became unresponsive and MySQL Workbench did not shut down properly. (Bug #28519087, Bug #92061)

  • An error with the following message was generated when the export operation was executed on tables from an earlier server version: Unknown table 'COLUMN_STATISTICS' in information_schema (1109).

    Because the version of mysqldump used with the operation can differ from that of the target server, some features may not be exported as expected when the versions are mismatched. A warning message now provides a description of the condition, along with instructions to resolve the version mismatch, or the option to continue anyway. (Bug #28471433, Bug #91640)

  • On Windows hosts, the history of scheduled MySQL Enterprise Backup jobs was not persisted in the dashboard between MySQL Workbench sessions. This fix eliminates the issue; however, the existing mysqlwbmeb.vbs file must be removed before scheduling new backup jobs. (Bug #28430457)

  • The default target version of MySQL to use with MySQL Workbench models was set to MySQL 5.6.30 and did not increment automatically. With this fix, the value now defaults to the latest version. The default target version can also be set manually (see Preferences: Modeling: MySQL). (Bug #28397515, Bug #91782)

  • Executing queries over an period of time caused the existing result grid in each query tab to be hidden when the grid was previously visible and prevented the results grid in new tabs from showing. (Bug #28361489, Bug #91265)

  • After copying a query into a second query editor, auto-completion did not display the related column names. Instead, when auto-completion was engaged, MySQL Workbench stopped working. (Bug #28312867, Bug #91559)

  • The operation to compare schemas did not appear in the menu after a valid model was opened on Linux hosts. (Bug #28249454)

  • The filter arrows that select objects for forward or reverse engineering within wizards generated an error instead of moving the objects as expected. (Bug #26435349, Bug #26922638, Bug #87980, Bug #25921645, Bug #86013, Bug #25852505, Bug #85837, Bug #25741519, Bug #85522)

  • Schema privileges in the Administration – Users and Privileges tab (Object Rights, DDL Rights, and Other Rights) were not visible with all screen resolutions. (Bug #25584920, Bug #85079)

  • The color used to highlight a selected item in the schema tree view did not provide enough contrast from the background color to distinguish it from the other items easily. The new highlight color makes it easy to see which item is selected. (Bug #25456216)