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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.17 (2019-07-22, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.17 (2019-07-22, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • All editions of MySQL Workbench and the bundled libraries were upgraded to use OpenSSL 1.0.2r. (Bug #29489010)

  • MySQL Workbench grammar updates now enable the language features of each supported MySQL server version from MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0, including the new language features in MySQL Server 8.0.17 (see MySQL). (WL #13049)

  • The implementation for SSH connections now uses libssh version 0.8.7, which replaces the previous version of libssh. (WL #13073)

Bugs Fixed

  • An empty page was shown when Show License Info was selected from the Help menu. (Bug #29821258)

  • Remote management did not work after the SSH port number on the destination computer was changed; instead, it continued to use the default port number. (Bug #29784254, Bug #95221)

  • On Windows, an error at startup prevented the successful fetching of database objects for display in the Schemas tab. (Bug #29772769, Bug #95335)

  • The informational dialog box did not open after About Workbench was selected from the Help menu on hosts running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. (Bug #29754218)

  • Database objects were not fetched as expected when any schema shown in the Schemas tab (located in the Navigator sidebar panel) for a valid connection was expanded. (Bug #29752794)

  • The Reverse Engineering Database wizard stopped working during the final step and generated an error message on hosts running Fedora 29. Also, general editing activities were affected. (Bug #29598807, Bug #94894, Bug #29528028, Bug #94757)

  • A syntax error in a view that was generated using the view tool within an EER model caused MySQL Workbench to stop working when the view was closed. (Bug #29558534)

  • An attempt to create an EER model by reverse engineering a script and selecting a dump file generated errors instead of creating the model. (Bug #29535589)

  • The copy_migrated_tables.cmd batch file, generated by the Migration Wizard, closed without performing the expected tasks after file was executed properly. (Bug #29516531)

  • The online backup operation returned an error indicating insufficient privileges for an account with sufficient privileges. (Bug #29515528)

  • An exception was raised when a new firewall rule was added without also selecting the option to indicate that the rule (or SQL statement) is a normalized rule. (Bug #29514458)

  • An exception resulted when any variable category was right-clicked within the Administration – Status and System Variables tab. (Bug #29509495)

  • An exception resulted when Show Columns was selected (right-clicked) to enable a column for any of the cache entries shown in the Administration - Audit Inspector tab. (Bug #29508773)

  • Backup files (.ibd) generated with the compression option enabled were not compressed (.ibz) after the operation finished. (Bug #29253624)

  • On Windows, SSH connections in combination with MySQL Enterprise Backup operations are available for use only when the server is local. (Bug #29215730)

  • The text for advanced options (Data Export from the Server menu) was modified to remove errors. (Bug #29024143, Bug #93508)

  • An incorrect password did not disable the Next button during the forward-engineering of a valid model, but then the next step generated an access-denied error while permitting the next action to continue after the error. Now, a valid password is required before the next step in the operation is available to select. (Bug #25951080, Bug #86064)

  • Regardless of the source objects selected (and displayed) during the migration operation, all objects were migrated if the steps of the wizard were repeated with the Next and Back buttons. (Bug #25121122, Bug #83876)