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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.14 (2019-01-21, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 8.0.14 (2019-01-21, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The following new functions were added to the Workbench GRT module:

    • activateDiagram(<Diagram>)

      Opens the selected EER diagram for use with the exportPNG, exportSVG, exportPS, and exportPDF functions.

    • exportDiagramToPng(<Diagram>, <path>)

      Performs a PNG export of an EER diagram to the path provided without activating it.

    (Bug #28853802, Bug #92985)

  • MySQL Workbench now supports macOS 10.14 Mojave, including full compatibility with the Dark Mode color scheme. (Bug #28831956, Bug #92902, WL #12402)

  • The Adv. Find tab operation that searched an open EER diagram by database objects only was removed. (Bug #28740047)

  • All editions of MySQL Workbench and the bundled libraries were upgraded to use OpenSSL 1.0.2q. (Bug #28695759)

  • Keyboard access was added to the home screen tab to enable navigation using the Tab and Enter keys. In addition, the screen view now scrolls to display a selected item if the item was off-screen when highlighted with the Tab key.

    On Windows and Linux hosts, the Application key and Ctrl+F10 now open a menu of commands (context menu) related to the selection. (WL #12381)

  • Two redundant features were removed from all platforms:

    • The connection information pop-up sheet on the home screen tab

      Instead, open Manage Connections from the Database menu (or Edit Connection from the context menu of each connection) to view connection details.

    • The merge icon (two arrows pointing at each other) located in the Navigation area of the side panel

      Content from the Administration and Schemas tabs were merged or split when this icon was toggled. Now, the administration section links and schema tree appear in separate tabs only.

    (WL #12402)

Bugs Fixed

  • Valid decimal data within a Microsoft SQL Server table generated an error when used with MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard. (Bug #28962023, Bug #93293)

  • The InnoDB status shown within the Administration – Dashboard tab displayed the wrong usage percent. (Bug #28919419)

  • A conflicting dependency was removed that prevented the mysql-connector-c++-devel package installation when MySQL Workbench was installed first. (Bug #28915929, Bug #93172)

  • The on-screen process of editing a stored procedure did not prompt to save the changes. (Bug #28880743, Bug #93068)

  • A new table added to an existing model caused MySQL Workbench to stop working. (Bug #28879925, Bug #93067)

  • The alter-table operation when applied to partitioned tables on Windows caused MySQL Workbench to stop working. (Bug #28856542, Bug #92990)

  • Characters from Cyrillic character sets when included in the path to SSH key files caused valid connection attempts to fail without producing a clear error message. These characters now are permitted within the path. (Bug #28814329, Bug #92847)

  • Connections made to a remote MySQL server over SSH did not recover properly after the network was interrupted temporarily. (Bug #28806660, Bug #90884)

  • New accounts created to use standard authentication were instead created to require strong password encryption when the default_authentication_plugin server system variable was configured with the caching_sha2_password value. (Bug #28777856, Bug #92740)

  • The default user name, newuser, was not accepted when it was used to create a new account. (Bug #28776902, Bug #92738)

  • The operation to migrate a Microsoft SQL Server schema produced an error when it encountered problematic tables during the reverse-engineering step. (Bug #28747888, Bug #92659)

  • A table editor tab that was opened by clicking the table icon from within the sidebar (Schemas tab) displayed the correct SELECT * FROM query and results, but the query text did not line up along the left margin as expected. (Bug #28730407)

  • Context-menu actions (New Tab, Save Tab, or Copy Path to Clipboard) when applied to an open SQL editor tab caused the tab to close unexpectedly on Linux. (Bug #28721377)

  • The color used to highlight a query in the SQL editor was the same color used for the text, which made the selected query appear to be missing when it was highlighted. (Bug #28691256, Bug #92535, Bug #28715080)

  • The Report a Bug action from the Help menu returned an error instead of opening the MySQL bug database on macOS systems. (Bug #28612380, Bug #92327)

  • The last file selected from a previous directory during any browse operation was carried over after navigating to a new directory and without selecting a new file from the directory. Files now must be selected explicitly within the browse dialog box. (Bug #28608962, Bug #92104)

  • Some columns within a Microsoft SQL Server database table were not migrated as expected. The operation returned an error when copying mixed data types. (Bug #27838190, Bug #84777)

  • Multiple SQL queries executed sequentially in separate tabs did not resolve as expected on Windows. The first query ran to completion, but the tab would not close. The second query never finished. Thereafter, no additional queries could run and the program would not exit. (Bug #25965655, Bug #86090)

  • The Migration Wizard was unable to retrieve a schema list from source when the source RDBMS was Microsoft SQL Server and a valid FreeTDS driver (required by Linux) was provided. (Bug #25457611)

  • No context help was displayed with a view or stored procedure in the SQL editor. (Bug #24697574)