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HeatWave Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL HeatWave  /  Changes in HeatWave 8.0.24 (2021-04-20, General Availability)

Changes in HeatWave 8.0.24 (2021-04-20, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Comparison of different temporal type values is now supported. For example, a query that compares DATE values to TIMESTAMP values can now be offloaded to HeatWave. (Bug #32420986)

  • Range operators on VARLEN-encoded string columns are now supported. For example, the following query, where L_LINESTATUS is a VARLEN-encoded string column, can now be offloaded to HeatWave:


    (Bug #31721399)

  • HeatWave now supports INSERT ... SELECT statements where the SELECT query is offloaded to HeatWave and the result set is inserted into a table on the MySQL Database Service instance. This feature improves INSERT ... SELECT performance in cases where the SELECT portion of the statement is a long running, complex query. For more information, see INSERT ... SELECT Statements. (WL #14299)

  • VARLEN-encoded columns are now supported as data placement keys. For information about the data placement feature, see Defining Data Placement Keys. (WL #14491)

  • Failure handling was improved for queries involving unsupported internal data types. Such queries now exit with an error indicating that the internal data type of the query is not supported. (WL #14483)