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HeatWave Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL HeatWave  /  Changes in HeatWave 8.0.30-u1 (2022-09-06, General Availability)

Changes in HeatWave 8.0.30-u1 (2022-09-06, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • HeatWave now supports the ABS(), POWER(), and SIGN() mathematical functions. (WL #15246)

  • HeatWave now supports the GROUP_CONCAT() aggregation function with variable-length (VARLEN) string columns. (WL #14767)

  • Change propagation memory management was enhanced to improve HeatWave shutdown time. (WL #15306)

  • Query performance was optimized for compressed data. Decompression of data that is queried but does not participate in filter evaluation is delayed until after a filter is applied. With this optimization, decompression is avoided entirely for data that is filtered out. (WL #15169)