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HeatWave Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL HeatWave  /  Changes in HeatWave 8.0.27-u2 (2021-12-07, General Availability)

Changes in HeatWave 8.0.27-u2 (2021-12-07, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • HeatWave now supports querying views. See Using Views. (WL #13568)

  • Bloom filter join optimizations were introduced. For HeatWave queries that join large and small relations, bloom filters reduce the amount of data processed by early filtering and the amount of memory used during query processing. (WL #14752)

  • The rpd_query_stats table, which stores HeatWave query history (compilation and execution statistics), now stores data for the last 1000 executed queries. Previously, data was stored for the last 200 queries.

    The following columns were added to the performance_schema.rpd_tables table:

    • SIZE_BYTES: The amount of data loaded per table, in bytes.

    • QUERY_COUNT: The number of queries that referenced the table.

    • LAST_QUERIED: The timestamp of the last query that referenced the table.

    • LOAD_END_TIMESTAMP: The load completion timestamp for the table.

    The following column was added to the performance_schema.rpd_columns table:

    • DICT_SIZE_BTYES: The dictionary size per column, in bytes.

    The following column was added to the performance_schema.rpd_nodes table:

    • BASEREL_MEMORY_USAGE: The base relation memory footprint per node.

    The rapid_query_stats and rpd_exec_stats tables are now synchronized. If a query record is removed from the rapid_query_stats table, it is also removed from the rpd_exec_stats table. (WL #14759)