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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 8.1.0 (2023-07-18, General Availability)

Version 8.1.0 is a new GA release version of the MySQL Connector/J. MySQL Connector/J 8.1.0 supersedes the 8.0 series and is recommended for use on production systems. This release can be used against MySQL Server version 5.7 and beyond. It supports the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 4.2 API, and implements the X DevAPI.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Important Change: To comply with proper naming guidelines, the Maven groupId and artifactId for Connector/J have been changed to the following since release 8.0.31:

    • groupId: com.mysql

    • artifactId: mysql-connector-j

    The old groupId and artifactId can no longer be used for linking the Connector/J library starting with this release. Please make sure you switch to the new coordinates. See Installing Connector/J Using Maven. (WL #15259)

  • Packaging: You can no longer install Connector/J on Windows platforms using the MySQL Installer. Notice that there are also no stand-alone Windows installer files (.msi) for installing Connector/J. Use the platform-independent archives instead for installations on Windows platforms. See Installing Connector/J from a Binary Distribution for details. (WL #15794)

  • When using a Java 8 to 12 JRE, if JSSE was configured to use a FIPS provider, attempts to establish secure connections to a MySQL Server failed with a KeyManagementException, complaining that "FIPS mode: only SunJSSE TrustManagers may be used." It was because in that case, a custom TrustManager implemented by Connector/J was invoked but then rejected by the default implementation of SunJSSE. With this patch, a new connection property, fipsCompliantJsse, is created for users to instruct Connector/J not to use its custom TrustManager implementation. Additionally new connection properties are created for users to specify the security providers from which Connector/J will request the corresponding security materials such as key and trust manager factories or SSL context provider. See JSSE in FIPS Mode for details. (Bug #95039, Bug #35534640)

  • The auto-deserialization function for BLOB objects is now deprecated. A deprecation warning will be issued if the connection property autoDeserialize is set to true. The feature may be discontinued anytime without notice. (WL #15826)

Bugs Fixed