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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 8.3.0 (2024-01-16, General Availability)

Version 8.3.0 is a new GA release version of the MySQL Connector/J. MySQL Connector/J 8.3.0 supersedes 8.2 and is recommended for use on production systems. This release can be used against MySQL Server version 8.0 and beyond. It supports the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 4.2 API, and implements the X DevAPI.

Installation and Compilation Notes

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The list of cipher suites usable by Connector/J has been updated. See src/main/resources/com/mysql/cj/ in the source for the updated list. (Bug #35488208)

Bugs Fixed

  • X DevAPI: When using X DevAPI native connection pooling, it could take too long to open a new session if sessions were closed in a very fast pace. The connection pool concurrency synchronization in the X DevAPI Client class has been reimplemented to avoid unnecessary race conditions, so to increase performance significantly and prevent the observed latency for opening new connections. (Bug #35929119)

  • When a CallableStatement was used to call a stored procedure or function that did not exist on the server or that the client had no rights to access its parameters' metadata, Connector/J tried to infer the parameter metadata from the SQL call string itself, but did so wrongly. It was because Connector/J did not distinguish between a stored procedure and a stored function in its inference, and this fix makes Connector/J do so now. (Bug #29907618)

  • prepareCall() failed to handle properly comments inside a CALL statement. With this fix, Connector/J now recognizes the following three types of comments:

    • Text preceded by "-- " (note there has to be a space after the hyphens)

    • Text preceded by "#"

    • Text between "/*" and "*/"

    (Bug #19845752)

  • When a procedure and a function with the same name existed in a database, Connector/J retrieved parameter information from both at the same time by default, causing various errors at statement executions. This fix leverages the JDBC 4 DatabaseMetaData methods to return parameter information only from the procedure or function of interest, so that statements are executed without errors. (Bug #19531305, Bug #73774)

  • Setting a very large value for query timeout caused an IllegalArgumentException when a query was executed. It was due to an integer overflow, which is now avoided by changing the timeout value's data type from Integer to Long. (Bug #112884, Bug #36043166)

  • Statement.getWarnings() did not clear the warning chain automatically each time a statement was executed, as it was expected to do. (Bug #112195, Bug #35749998)

  • ParameterMetaData.getParameterCount() did not report the correct number for a procedure called through a PreparedStatement when not all the procedure parameters were specified in the query statement. (Bug #111107, Bug #36023972)

  • Calling PreparedStatement.executeUpdate() on a query that was only a comment caused a SQLException to be thrown, with the complaint that executeUpdate() "cannot issue statements that produce result sets." It was because the check on whether the query would produce results sets was faulty, and it has now been fixed. (Bug #109546, Bug #34958912)

  • When the connection properties useServerPrepStmts and cachePrepStmts were both set to true, the PreparedStatement was reset every time after an execution, causing performance issues. With this fix, unnecessary resets are avoided. Thanks to Marcos Albe for contributing to this fix. (Bug #107107, Bug #34101635)

  • MysqlParameterMetadata.isNullable() ignored the value of the connection property generateSimpleParameterMetadata when returning a value. With this fix, the method returns ParameterMetaData.parameterNullableUnknown when generateSimpleParameterMetadata is true. (Bug #96582, Bug #30222032)