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7.27 Replication Master Configuration Metrics

Lists the Replication Master configuration metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 7.27 Replication Master Configuration Metrics

Auto Increment IncrementControls the interval between successive column values within all AUTO_INCREMENT columns within the MySQL server.
Auto Increment OffsetDetermines the starting point for the AUTO_INCREMENT column values within the MySQL server.
Enforce Gtid Consistency EnabledAllows execution of only those statements that can be logged in a transactionally safe manner.
Gtid ExecutedContains a representation of the set of all transactions that are logged in the binary log.
Gtid Executed Compression PeriodCompress the mysql.gtid_executed table each time this many transactions have been processed. A setting of 0 means that this table is not compressed. Since no compression of the table occurs when using the binary log, setting the value of the variable has no effect unless binary logging is disabled.
Gtid ModeShows whether GTIDs are enabled.
Gtid NextSpecifies whether and how the next GTID is obtained.
Gtid OwnedHolds a list of all GTIDs along with their owners.
Gtid PurgedThe set of all transactions that have been purged from the binary log.
Info RepositoryThe setting of this variable determines whether the slave logs master status and connection information to a FILE (, or to a TABLE (mysql.slave_master_info).
Recovery Ranknull
Repl UuidThe MySQL server's UUID, this variable is only available on versions > 5.6.1.
Semi Sync Master EnabledWhether semi-synchronous replication is enabled on the master MySQL server.
Semi Sync Master TimeoutHow long the master waits on a commit (in milliseconds) for acknowledgment from a slave before timing out and reverting to asynchronous replication.
Semi Sync Master Trace LevelThe semi-synchronous replication debug trace level on the master.
Semi Sync Master Wait No Slave EnabledWhether the master waits for the timeout to expire before reverting to normal replication even if the slave count drops to zero during the timeout period.
Server IdThe server ID, used in replication to give each master and slave a unique identity.
Verify Checksum EnabledEnabling this option causes the master to verify events from the binary log using checksums, and to stop with an error in the event of a mismatch.