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7.2 Binary Logs Configuration Metrics

Lists the Binary Logs configuration metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 7.2 Binary Logs Configuration Metrics

Binlog Cache SizeThe size of the cache to hold changes to the binary log during a transaction. A binary log cache is allocated for each client if the server supports any transactional storage engines and if the server has the binary log enabled.
Binlog ChecksumCauses the master to write checksums for events written to the binary log. Set to NONE to disable, or the name of the algorithm to be used for generating checksums; currently, only CRC32 checksums are supported.
Binlog Direct Non Transactional Updates EnabledCauses updates to nontransactional tables to be written directly to the binary log, rather than to the transaction cache.
Binlog Do DBWhether the MySQL server is currently only filtering binary log updates to specific databases only.
Binlog Error ActionControls what happens when the server cannot write to the binary log, which can cause the master's log to become inconsistent and replication slaves to lose synchronization.
Binlog Expire Logs SecondsSets the binary log expiration period in seconds, after which binary log files can be automatically removed. Possible removals happen at startup and when the binary log is flushed. The effects of this variable and expire_logs_days are cumulative.
Binlog FormatThis variable sets the binary logging format, and can be any one of STATEMENT, ROW, or MIXED.
Binlog Group Commit Sync DelayControls how many microseconds the binary log commit waits before synchronizing the binary log file to disk. By default binlog-group-commit-sync-delay is set to 0, meaning that there is no delay.
Binlog Group Commit Sync No Delay CountThe maximum number of transactions to wait for before aborting the current delay as specified by binlog-group-commit-sync-delay. If binlog-group-commit-sync-delay is set to 0, then this option has no effect.
Binlog Gtid Simple Recovery EnabledThis variable controls how binary log files are iterated during the search for GTIDs when MySQL starts or restarts.
Binlog Ignore DBWhether the MySQL server is currently ignoring updates to the binary log for specific databases.
Binlog Max Flush Queue TimeHow long in microseconds to keep reading transactions from the flush queue before proceeding with the group commit (and syncing the log to disk, if sync_binlog is greater than 0). If the value is 0 (the default), there is no timeout and the server keeps reading new transactions until the queue is empty.
Binlog Order Commits EnabledIf this variable is enabled (the default), transactions are committed in the same order they are written to the binary log. If disabled, transactions may be committed in parallel. In some cases, disabling this variable might produce a performance increment.
Binlog Row ImageWhen using ROW based or MIXED binary logging, whether to log the full before - pre change - image of the row, or a minimal image of the row if possible (given a unique key on the table), or to only exclude BLOB/TEXT columns from the before image of the row.
Binlog Row MetadataConfigures the amount of table metadata added to the binary log when using row-based logging. Possible values are MINIMAL (default) and FULL.
Binlog Rows Query Log Events EnabledCauses the server to write informational log events such as row query log events into its binary log. This information can be used for debugging and related purposes; such as obtaining the original query issued on the master when it cannot be reconstructed from the row updates.
Binlog Row Value OptionsEnables binary logging of partial JSON updates for row-based replication when set to PARTIAL_JSON.
Binlog Stmt Cache SizeDetermines the size of the cache for the binary log to hold nontransactional statements issued during a transaction. Separate binary log transaction and statement caches are allocated for each client if the server supports any transactional storage engines and if the server has the binary log enabled.
Binlog Transaction Dependency History SizeSets an upper limit on the number of row hashes which are kept in memory and used for looking up the transaction that last modified a given row. Once this number is reached, the history is purged.
Binlog Transaction Dependency TrackingThe source of dependency information on the master used to determine which transactions can be executed in parallel by the slave's multi-threaded applier. Possible values: COMMIT_ORDER (default), WRITESET and WRITESET_SESSION.
Binlog Trusts Function Creators EnabledThis variable applies when binary logging is enabled and controls whether stored function creators can be trusted not to create stored functions that will cause unsafe events to be written to the binary log.
Expire Logs DaysThe number of days for automatic binary log file removal.
Log Bin BasenameHolds the name and complete path to the binary log file.
Log Bin EnabledWhether the binary log is enabled.
Log Bin IndexThe index file for binary log file names.
Log Bin Use V1 Row Events EnabledVersion 2 binary log row events are used by default beginning with MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.1; however, Version 2 events cannot be read by previous MySQL Cluster releases. Setting --log-bin-use-v1-row-events to 1 causes mysqld to write the binary log using Version 1 logging events, which is the only version of binary log events used in previous releases, and thus produce binary logs that can be read by older slaves.
Max Binlog Cache SizeIf a transaction requires more than this many bytes of memory, the server generates a Multi-statement transaction required more than 'max_binlog_cache_size' bytes of storage error.
Max Binlog SizeIf a write to the binary log causes the current log file size to exceed the value of this variable, the server rotates the binary logs.
Max Binlog Stmt Cache SizeIf nontransactional statements within a transaction require more than this many bytes of memory, the server generates an error. max_binlog_stmt_cache_size sets the size for the statement cache only; the upper limit for the transaction cache is governed exclusively by the max_binlog_cache_size system variable.
SQL Log Bin EnabledIf disabled, no logging is done to the binary log for the client.
Sync BinlogIf the value of this variable is greater than 0, the MySQL server synchronizes its binary log to disk (using fdatasync()) after every sync_binlog writes to the binary log.