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7.37 Transactions Configuration Metrics

Lists the Transactions configuration metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 7.37 Transactions Configuration Metrics

Autocommit EnabledThe autocommit mode. If set to 1, all changes to a table take effect immediately. If set to 0, you must use COMMIT to accept a transaction or ROLLBACK to cancel it.
Completion TypeAffects transactions that begin with START TRANSACTION or BEGIN and end with COMMIT or ROLLBACK. Sets whether the server starts a new transaction immediately after a COMMIT/ROLLBACK (by setting to CHAIN), or disconnect after completing a COMMIT/ROLLBACK (by setting to RELEASE), otherwise do not implicitly start a new transaction (by setting to NO_CHAIN, the default).
IsolationThe default transaction isolation level.
Read Only EnabledThe default transaction access mode. The value can be OFF (read/write, the default) or ON (read only).