Chapter 5 Performance Pages

This chapter describes the Performance dashboards.

The Performance dashboards are available from the Performance sub-menu of the MySQL Database menu. These dashboards display specific aspects of your MySQL performance.

The following Performance dashboards are available:

Each of the performance dashboards display the performance of a specific metric, or set of metrics, over a 24-hour window, in graph or table format. Some also display configuration information.

Graph regions also contain links to week and month overviews of the collected data. Click the appropriate link to display the week or month graph. Each metric is graphed with a separate line. Each point on the line represents the data collected according to the defined Collection Schedule. If the Collection Schedule is defined as 5 minutes, each point on the graph is separated by 5 minutes.

To see data on each individual collection point, hover the cursor over the line. A tooltip is displayed listing the data type, the time the data was collected, and the value of the metric collected.