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7.7 Connection Buffers Configuration Metrics

Lists the Connection Buffers configuration metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 7.7 Connection Buffers Configuration Metrics

Bulk Insert Buffer SizeLimits the size (in bytes) of the special tree-like cache MyISAM uses to make bulk inserts faster for INSERT ... SELECT, INSERT ... VALUES (...), (...), ..., and LOAD DATA INFILE, when adding data to nonempty tables, per thread.
Join Buffer SizeThe minimum size (in bytes) of the buffer that is used for plain index scans, range index scans, and joins that do not use indexes and thus perform full table scans.
Max Allowed PacketThe maximum size (in bytes) of one packet or any generated / intermediate string from connections to the MySQL server.
Net Buffer LengthEach client connection is associated with a connection buffer and result buffer. Both begin with a size given by net_buffer_length (in bytes) but are dynamically enlarged up to max_allowed_packet bytes as needed.
Preload Buffer SizeThe size of the buffer that is allocated when preloading indexes.
Query Alloc Block SizeThe allocation size of memory blocks that are allocated for objects created during statement parsing and execution. If you have problems with memory fragmentation, it might help to increase this parameter.
Query Prealloc SizeThe size of the persistent buffer used for statement parsing and execution.
Read Buffer SizeEach thread that does a sequential scan allocates a buffer of this size (in bytes) for each table it scans.
Read Rnd Buffer SizeThe size (in bytes) for reading rows in sorted order following a key-sorting operation, to avoid disk seeks.
Sort Buffer SizeEach session that needs to do a sort allocates a buffer of this size (in bytes).
Stored Program CacheSets a soft upper limit for the number of cached stored routines per connection. The value of this variable is specified in terms of the number of stored routines held in each of the two caches maintained by the MySQL Server for, respectively, stored procedures and stored functions.
Thread StackThe stack size for each connection thread.
Transaction Alloc Block SizeThe size (in bytes) by which to increase the per-transaction memory pool use for connection transactions.
Transaction Prealloc SizeThe initial size (in bytes) of the per-transaction memory pool from which various transaction-related allocations take memory.