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7.9 Environment Configuration Metrics

Lists the Environment configuration metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 7.9 Environment Configuration Metrics

BasedirThe MySQL installation base directory.
Core File EnabledWhether to write a core file if the server crashes.
DatadirThe MySQL data directory.
HostnameThe server sets this variable to the server host name at startup.
Ignore DB DirsA comma-separated list of names that are not considered as database directories in the data directory.
Init FileThe name of the file specified with the --init-file option when you start the server.
Keep Files On Create EnabledIf a MyISAM table is created with a DATA DIRECTORY or INDEX DIRECTORY option and an existing .MYD or .MYI file is found, MyISAM always returns an error.
Large Files Support EnabledWhether mysqld was compiled with options for large file support.
Large Pages EnabledWhether large page support is enabled (via the --large-pages option).
Large Page SizeIf large page support is enabled, this shows the size of memory pages.
Locked In Memory EnabledWhether mysqld was locked in memory with --memlock.
Lower Case File System EnabledWhether the file system where the data directory is located is case sensitive or not.
New Mode EnabledThis variable was used in MySQL 4.0 to turn on some 4.1 behaviors, and is retained for backward compatibility.
Old Mode EnabledWhen enabled, changes the default scope of index hints to that used prior to MySQL 5.1.17. That is, index hints with no FOR clause apply only to how indexes are used for row retrieval and not to resolution of ORDER BY or GROUP BY clauses.
Open Files LimitThe maximum number of file descriptors available to mysqld.
Persisted Globals Load EnabledWhether to load persisted configuration settings from the mysqld-auto.cnf file in the data directory.
Pid FileThe path name of the process ID file.
Plugin DirThe path name of the plugin directory.
Show Compatibility56 EnabledAs of MySQL 5.7.6, system and status variable information is available in Performance Schema tables. When show_compatibility_56 is ON, compatibility is enabled. Older variable information sources (SHOW statements, INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables) produce the same output as in MySQL 5.6. Newer information sources (Performance Schema tables) produce no output. When show_compatibility_56 is OFF, compatibility is disabled. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables produce no output. The SHOW statements and the Performance Schema tables do produce output. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables produce no output because the Performance Schema tables are intended to replace them. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.6 and will be removed in a future MySQL release.
Show Old Temporals EnabledWhether SHOW CREATE TABLE output includes comments to flag temporal columns found to be in pre-5.6.4 format (TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP columns without support for fractional seconds precision).
Skip External Locking EnabledThis is OFF if mysqld uses external locking, ON if external locking is disabled.
SQL ModeSQL modes define what SQL syntax MySQL supports and what kind of data validation checks it performs.
TmpdirThe path of the directory to use for creating temporary files.