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MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5
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7.10.11 The ndbinfo cpustat Table

The cpustat table provides per-thread CPU statistics gathered each second, for each thread running in the NDB kernel.

The following table provides information about the columns in the cpustat table. For each column, the table shows the name, data type, and a brief description. Additional information can be found in the notes following the table.

Column NameTypeDescription
node_idintegerID of the node where the thread is running
thr_nointegerThread ID (specific to this node)
OS_userintegerOS user time
OS_systemintegerOS system time
OS_idleintegerOS idle time
thread_execintegerThread execution time
thread_sleepingintegerThread sleep time
thread_sendintegerThread send time
thread_buffer_fullintegerThread buffer full time
elapsed_timeintegerElapsed time

This table was added in NDB 7.5.2.

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