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7.10.12 The ndbinfo cpustat_50ms Table

The cpustat_50ms table provides raw, per-thread CPU data obtained each 50 milliseconds for each thread running in the NDB kernel.

Like cpustat_1sec and cpustat_20sec, this table shows 20 measurement sets per thread, each referencing a period of the named duration. Thus, cpsustat_50ms provides 1 second of history.

The following table provides information about the columns in the cpustat_50ms table. For each column, the table shows the name, data type, and a brief description. Additional information can be found in the notes following the table.

Column NameTypeDescription
node_idintegerID of the node where the thread is running
thr_nointegerThread ID (specific to this node)
OS_user_timeintegerOS user time
OS_system_timeintegerOS system time
OS_idle_timeintegerOS idle time
exec_timeintegerThread execution time
sleep_timeintegerThread sleep time
send_timeintegerThread send time
buffer_full_timeintegerThread buffer full time
elapsed_timeintegerElapsed time

This table was added in NDB 7.5.2.

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