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What are the top 3 GIS related features that you are most interested in for your new and existing MySQL projects?

Adding general rtree index support to the InnoDB storage engine 97   (37.5%)
Better functional support of WKB and WKT 33   (12.7%)
Adding general GeoHash, GiST, or GIN index support 34   (13.1%)
Implementing more of the OpenGIS SQL standard (e.g. the meta-data tables: SPATIAL_REF_SYS and GEOMETRY_COLUMNS) 76   (29.3%)
Geography and 3D types 71   (27.4%)
SRID projections 22   (8.5%)
GeoJSON support 63   (24.3%)
Better general proximity search support 51   (19.7%)
Better general inclusion search support 26   (10%)
None 22   (8.5%)
Other 0   (0%)

A total of 259 votes have been cast in this poll.

Note: Because this poll allows multiple answers, the percentages above will not add up to 100%.

Poll opened June 20, 2013.

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