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What concerns you most about your current MySQL backup solution?

Backups fail or are incomplete 136   (21.2%)
Backup failure goes unnoticed 146   (22.7%)
Backups aren't automated 177   (27.6%)
Backups are not Online or Hot 223   (34.7%)
Backup method has too much impact on MySQL server 173   (26.9%)
Backup format doesn't work for archiving purposes 70   (10.9%)
Backup won't meet regulatory requirements 56   (8.7%)
Backup and/or Recovery takes too long 191   (29.8%)
Recovery method produces inconsistent data 103   (16%)
Other concerns... 44   (6.9%)
I don't have a MySQL backup solution 137   (21.3%)
The MySQL backup solution I have works fine 88   (13.7%)

A total of 642 votes have been cast in this poll.

Note: Because this poll allows multiple answers, the percentages above will not add up to 100%.

Poll opened August 27, 2010.

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