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What are your favorite features in the latest MySQL Cluster 7.2 DMR?

Improved JOIN performance (Adaptive Query Localization) allowing real-time analytics across live data sets 53   (62.4%)
New NoSQL access and schemaless data storage with native Memcached API 33   (38.8%)
Synchronous replication and auto-sharding between data centers with Multi-Site Clustering 31   (36.5%)
Simplified active/active clustering between data centers with Geographic Replication enhancements 23   (27.1%)
Integration with the latest MySQL 5.5 server 42   (49.4%)
Simplified provisioning with Consolidated User Privileges 27   (31.8%)
Other 16   (18.8%)
None 19   (22.4%)

A total of 85 votes have been cast in this poll.

Note: Because this poll allows multiple answers, the percentages above will not add up to 100%.

Poll opened January 25, 2012.

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