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Which backup features do you require for your MySQL database backups?

Hot, Online Backups 307   (71.9%)
High Performance 211   (49.4%)
Compression 184   (43.1%)
Encrypted Backup 113   (26.5%)
Incremental Backup (Data that has changed since the last backup) 241   (56.4%)
Partial Backup (Target particular tables or tablespaces) 152   (35.6%)
Backup to tape/media manager (Oracle Secure Backup, Netbackup, TSM, Networker) 59   (13.8%)
Backup directly to cloud storage (Oracle Storage Cloud or AWS S3) 97   (22.7%)
Advanced Optimistic Backup (Advanced workflow for very large databases) 84   (19.7%)
Other 37   (8.7%)
None 13   (3%)

A total of 427 votes have been cast in this poll so far.

Note: Because this poll allows multiple answers, the percentages above will not add up to 100%.

Poll opened January 19, 2017.

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