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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in Python Mode
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9.6 Working with Metadata

Results contain metadata related to the origin and types of results from relational queries. This metadata can be used by applications that need to deal with dynamic query results or format results for transformation or display. Result metadata is accessible via instances of Column. An array of columns can be obtained from any RowResult using the getColumns() method.

For example, the following metadata is returned in response to the query SELECT 1+1 AS a, b FROM mydb.some_table_with_b AS b_table.

Column[0].databaseName = NULL
Column[0].tableName = NULL
Column[0].tableLabel = NULL
Column[0].columnName = NULL
Column[0].columnLabel = "a"
Column[0].type = BIGINT
Column[0].length = 3
Column[0].fractionalDigits = 0
Column[0].numberSigned = TRUE
Column[0].collationName = "binary"
Column[0].characterSetName = "binary"
Column[0].padded = FALSE

Column[1].databaseName = "mydb"
Column[1].tableName = "some_table_with_b"
Column[1].tableLabel = "b_table"
Column[1].columnName = "b"
Column[1].columnLabel = "b"
Column[1].type = STRING
Column[1].length = 20 (e.g.)
Column[1].fractionalDigits = 0
Column[1].numberSigned = TRUE
Column[1].collationName = "utf8mb4_general_ci"
Column[1].characterSetName = "utf8mb4"
Column[1].padded = FALSE