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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in Python Mode
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2.4 Using SQL with Session

In addition to the simplified X DevAPI syntax of the Session object, the Session object has a sql() function that takes any SQL statement as a string.

The following example uses a Session to call an SQL Stored Procedure on the specific node.

from mysqlsh import mysqlx

# Connect to server using a Session
mySession = mysqlx.get_session('user:password@localhost')

# Switch to use schema 'test'
mySession.sql("USE test").execute()

# In a Session context the full SQL language can be used
sql = """CREATE PROCEDURE my_add_one_procedure
                                 (INOUT incr_param INT)
                                         SET incr_param = incr_param + 1;

mySession.sql("SET @my_var = ?").bind(10).execute()
mySession.sql("CALL my_add_one_procedure(@my_var)").execute()
mySession.sql("DROP PROCEDURE my_add_one_procedure").execute()

# Use an SQL query to get the result
myResult = mySession.sql("SELECT @my_var").execute()

# Gets the row and prints the first column
row = myResult.fetch_one()


When using literal/verbatim SQL the common API patterns are mostly the same compared to using DML and CRUD operations on Tables and Collections. Two differences exist: setting the current schema and escaping names.