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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in Python Mode
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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in Python Mode


User documentation for developers using X DevAPI.

For legal information, see the Legal Notices.

For help with using MySQL, please visit the MySQL Forums, where you can discuss your issues with other MySQL users.

Document generated on: 2024-07-20 (revision: 79078)

Table of Contents

Preface and Legal Notices
1 Overview
2 Connection and Session Concepts
2.1 Database Connection Example
2.2 Connecting to a Session
2.2.1 Connecting to a Single MySQL Server
2.2.2 Connection Option Summary
2.2.3 Connection Attributes
2.3 Working with a Session Object
2.4 Using SQL with Session
2.5 Setting the Current Schema
2.6 Dynamic SQL
3 CRUD Operations
3.1 CRUD Operations Overview
3.2 Method Chaining
3.3 Parameter Binding
3.4 MySQL Shell Automatic Code Execution
4 Working with Collections
4.1 Basic CRUD Operations on Collections
4.2 Collection Objects
4.2.1 Creating a Collection
4.2.2 Working with Existing Collections
4.3 Collection CRUD Function Overview
4.3.1 Collection.add()
4.3.2 Collection.find()
4.3.3 Collection.modify()
4.3.4 Collection.remove()
4.4 Indexing Collections
4.5 Single Document Operations
4.6 JSON Schema Validation
5 Working with Documents
5.1 Creating Documents
5.2 Working with Document IDs
5.3 Understanding Document IDs
6 Working with Relational Tables
6.1 Syntax of the SQL CRUD Functions
7 Working with Relational Tables and Documents
7.1 Collections as Relational Tables
8 Statement Execution
8.1 Transaction Handling
8.1.1 Processing Warnings
8.1.2 Error Handling
8.2 Working with Savepoints
8.3 Working with Locking
8.4 Working with Prepared Statements
9 Working with Result Sets
9.1 Result Set Classes
9.2 Working with AUTO-INCREMENT Values
9.3 Working with Data Sets
9.4 Fetching All Data Items at Once
9.5 Working with SQL Result Sets
9.6 Working with Metadata
9.7 Support for Language Native Iterators
10 Building Expressions
10.1 Expression Strings
10.1.1 Boolean Expression Strings
10.1.2 Value Expression Strings
11 CRUD EBNF Definitions
11.1 Session Objects and Functions
11.2 Schema Objects and Functions
11.3 Collection CRUD Functions
11.4 Collection Index Management Functions
11.5 Table CRUD Functions
11.6 Result Functions
11.7 Other EBNF Definitions
12 Expressions EBNF Definitions
13 Implementation Notes
13.1 MySQL Shell X DevAPI extensions