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3.2.6 SSH Preferences

The following figure shows the preference options that apply to SSH items, such as timeouts.

Figure 3.17 Preferences: SSH

Content is described in the surrounding text.


  • SSH Connect Timeout: [10] SSH connect time out in seconds.

  • SSH Read Write Timeout: [5] SSH read and write timeout in seconds.

  • SSH Command timeout: [1] SSH command timeout in seconds.

  • SSH Command Retry Count: [3] SSH command retry count.

  • SSH BufferSize: [500] SSH buffer size in bytes.

  • SSH Maximum File Size: [500] The size in bytes of the maximum file that is allowed to be transferred by SSH.

Use the following options to set SSH file paths:

  • Path to SSH config file: Click browse to select a configuration file.

  • Path to SSH Known hosts file: Click browse to select a hosts file.

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