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3.1 User Accessibility Options

MySQL Workbench includes methods to improve user accessibility.


Under Preferences, modeling fonts are adjustable from the Appearance section of the Modeling menu:

Figure 3.1 Appearance Preferences

Appearance Preferences

Choose the character set under the Configure Fonts For setting (typically leave the default setting here) and then adjust the model fonts to fit your needs.

The font types and sizes for other GUI elements are set under the Fonts & Colors tab:

Figure 3.2 Fonts & Color Preferences

Fonts & Color Preferences


Font changes require a refresh or restart before they take effect.

The following image shows the SQL Editor after changing the Editor font size from 10 to 30:

Figure 3.3 SQL Editor with Font size 30

SQL Editor with Font size 30

Color Presets

Here you define the colors used in EER diagrams for the tables, views, layers, and notes. You can edit or add additional color choices by entering their ASCII values.


On Windows, the Fonts & Colors preference tab also includes a "Color Scheme" configuration section. From here, you can enable the High Contrast color theme. This theme preference affects the MySQL Workbench GUI.

Figure 3.4 High Contrast Preference

High Contrast Preference

Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)

On Windows, MySQL Workbench supports MSAA, which allows use of screen reader applications with MySQL Workbench.

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