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MySQL Operator for Kubernetes Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.3.0-2.1.2 (2024-01-16, Innovation Release)

Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.3.0-2.1.2 (2024-01-16, Innovation Release)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The operator now adds imagePullSecrets to the ServiceAccount it creates instead of adding them to the StatefulSet pod template. However, if you supply an existing ServiceAccount then the operator will add the pull secrets to it. (WL #15911)

  • Switched from using keyring plugins to keyring components, which only impacts the OCI keyring. Keyring files and encrypted files already used components. (WL #15999)

Bugs Fixed

  • Enabling a MySQL keyring would not install the keyring_udf plugin on secondary servers, which caused errors when attempting to use the plugin. Now the keyring_udf plugin is installed on all instances.

    In addition, now the keyring fileName property defaults to "mysql_keyring" as the file name, and the fileName file path value is now relative to the mount point of the storage property value when before it accepted a full file path. (Bug #35983060)

  • With Istio enabled, finalizers for terminated MySQL pods were not removed thus the MySQL pods would not terminate. (Bug #34718687)

  • Added timezone support for backup schedules, a feature added in Kubernetes 1.25.

    Thanks to Eldin Didic for the contribution. (Bug #113149, Bug #36029313)

  • Changing the schedule time for a backup cronjob had no affect; the old cronjob value was preserved and used. (Bug #111794, Bug #35636172)