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MySQL Operator for Kubernetes Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.0.33-2.0.9 (2023-04-18, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.0.33-2.0.9 (2023-04-18, General Availability)

Known Limitation

  • A known limitation of this release: if an existing InnoDB Cluster was initially created using MySQL Operator 8.0.30-2.0.6 or earlier, then an update to 8.0.33-2.0.9 fails with an Init:Error error when one of the server pods is updated. This happens even if there had already been an update to 8.0.32-2.0.8.

    Either apply the following workaround to 8.0.33-2.0.9 before performing the upgrade, or instead upgrade to the 8.0.33-2.0.10 release that followed.

    $> kubectl patch sts mycluster --patch '{"spec": { "template": { "spec": {
        "containers": [ {"name": "sidecar", "command": ["mysqlsh",
        "--pym","mysqloperator","sidecar", "--pod-name", "$(MY_POD_NAME)",
        "--pod-namespace", "$(MY_POD_NAMESPACE)", "--datadir",
        "/var/lib/mysql"]}], "initContainers": [ {"name": "initconf", "command":
        ["mysqlsh","--log-level=@INFO", "--pym", "mysqloperator",
        "init", "--pod-name", "$(MY_POD_NAME)", "--pod-namespace",
        "$(MY_POD_NAMESPACE)", "--datadir", "/var/lib/mysql"] }]}}}}'

    (Bug #110865, Bug #35341880)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Updating a MySQL server image now also updates the MySQL Operator sidecar to the latest version. (WL #15452)

  • Added custom cluster domain detection to allow name's other than "cluster.local" for services inside the cluster. The operator detects the domain on startup, or alternatively instead of detection it uses either the new MYSQL_OPERATOR_K8S_CLUSTER_DOMAIN environment variable or the new k8sClusterDomain option in Helm. (WL #15512)

  • The default container registry changed from DockerHub to the Oracle Container Registry (OCR). This change includes both the prefix and image naming scheme. For example, "mysql/mysql-operator" becomes "" with similar changes for the router, server, and operating system.

    Local registry mirrors must change images names to the community-[server|router|operator] format instead of mysql-[server|router|operator]. (WL #15579)

Bugs Fixed

  • Added labels and annotations to the "create backup job" backup pods. (Bug #35082223)

  • Dropped securityContext capabilities for MySQL server and router by setting their capabilities to drop: - ALL. (Bug #35078555)

  • The primary service for a MySQL InnoDBCluster did not expose MySQL Router's REST API. The port name router-rest was added that evaluates to 8443. (Bug #34925361)

  • Installing or upgrading a MySQL InnoDBCluster with Helm would ignore a router.podSpec definition if tls.useSelfSigned was enabled. (Bug #110212, Bug #35131229)

  • Added helm functionality to disable lookups for MySQL Operator.

    Thanks to Mayank Mohindra for the contribution. (Bug #109746, Bug #35015230)

  • Renaming a backup profile name caused MySQL Operator to throw an exception every minute.

    (Bug #109419, Bug #34910811)