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Changes in MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 8.2.0-2.1.1 (2023-10-25, Innovation Release)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added the ability to define custom MySQL Router bootstrap options. An example InnoDBCluster definition entry that increases the maximum number of connections using the new router.bootstrapOptions array option:

        - --conf-set-option=DEFAULT.max_connections=1024

    Updating this option restarts the underlying Deployment to apply the settings.

    In addition to bootstrapOptions, a new array option named router.option is passed to MySQL Router during runtime. (Bug #35205271)

  • Improved MySQL Server log file handling; this includes options to configure whether logs are collected, to set --log-error-verbosity, and to define log location. In addition, fluentd log aggregation support was added which includes fluentd customization operator properties. (WL #15351)

  • Added functionality that enables certificate-based authentication between cluster members with X509 certificates for users, unless tls.useSelfSigned = true. (WL #15704)

  • Added properties to configure the Service type, which still defaults to ClusterIP but now also allows NodePort and LoadBalancer. Additionally, the port type defaults to mysql-rw but now also allows mysql-ro and mysql-rw-split. (WL #15818)

  • Added support for Read Replicas with a new readReplicas property. This utilizes MySQL Shell AdminAPI functionality that was added in MySQL Shell 8.1.0. (WL #15271)