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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.35 (2023-07-31)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.35 (2023-07-31)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Updated the following components to the version listed: Apache Tomcat v8.5.89, Commons Fileupload v1.5, JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) v13.1.15, JRE v8u381, MySQL Server v8.0.34, OpenSSL v3.0.9, and Spring Security v5.7.8.

Bugs Fixed

  • When assigning role permissions to a selected group, the selected group in the drop down box was ignored and error was emitted: "You must select a Group is Group-specific permissions is selected for Role test-role. If no Groups exist, you must create them. (U72E1)" (Bug #35225074)