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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.33 (2023-01-27)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.33 (2023-01-27)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The "Data Purge Behavior" values defined under "First Time Setup" were not saved; instead they reverted to their default values. The work around was to set them under Configuration->Settings.

  • A user was not prompted to define their time zone and locale values upon initial login.

  • Updated the following components to the version listed: Apache Tomcat v8.5.84, Guava v31.1, jQuery Migrate v3.4.0, JRE v8u371.b11, MySQL Server v8.0.32, OpenSSL v1.1.1s, Spring Framework v5.3.24, Spring Security v5.7.5.

Bugs Fixed

  • The control used to filter events based on the Advisors that generated them was not working. (Bug #35006372)

  • Timeseries graph filters could not be saved and then reused reliably. (Bug #34919083)