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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.3 (2018-10-16)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.3 (2018-10-16)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The Tomcat server, bundled with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, has been upgraded to 8.5.34.

Bugs Fixed

  • It was not possible to use the percentage character (%) in filter names. The filter was saved and was displayed in the list of available filters, but did not display the configured data when selected.

  • Automatic page refresh did not pause if an asset was selected.

  • Under certain circumstances, Out Of Memory errors caused the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent to restart. In the previous release, the default agent heap size, defined by the MEM_AGENT_JAVA_OPTS parameter in the file, has been increased to 128MB.


    In the previous release, this issue was corrected for new installations. As of this release, this issue is also corrected for upgrades.

    If you changed MEM_AGENT_JAVA_OPTS to a value greater than 128MB, the value is not changed by the upgrade. If you changed MEM_AGENT_JAVA_OPTS to a value lower than 128MB, the upgrade process updates the value to 128MB.

  • Null Pointer Exceptions were logged relating to Query Analysis and Explain Plan when monitoring MySQL 8. These exceptions were caused by the removal of EXPLAIN EXTENDED in MySQL 8.

    As of this release, MySQL Enterprise Monitor checks which MySQL version is being monitored and only attempts to use EXPLAIN EXTENDED on versions which support it.